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RPG for the hit TV shows Buffy, Angel, Supernatural & True Blood!

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

[About The Foundation]

Welcome to the Phoenix Foundation. We are a network of individuals and resources that work for the greater good. No case is too unusual for us. We have a vast site of resources and will work with our clients to help them through a difficult time. We are not just a national foundation, we have the ability to travel the globe and help those abroad as well.

[Join The Foundation]

We do require that our incoming members be honest and submit to a background check which is quite through. We never force anyone to work for us, every member is here on a voluntary basis and can leave at any time. Applications for potions within the foundation are available here.

[Character's Available]

[Buffy/Angel] Connor, * Faith, Illyria, Spike Willow & Xander | [Supernatural] Ellen Harvelle, * Jo Harvelle, Zachriah, Crowley | [True Blood] Eric Northman, Bill Compton, Jason Stackhouse, Tara Throton, Lafayette Reynolds, Sam Merlotte, Pam, Jessica Hamby |

Please check the Member Roster page for the most up to date information regarding availability of the above.Any name above with a * before it indicates that there is a player actively playing them but they are willing to give it up for someone else.

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