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14 July 2010 @ 09:56 pm
Lorne's Club was finally done. He sighed looking over the vast room. He'd worked long and hard for this moment. He'd carefully attended to every detail of the place, it was a sight to take in. The Foundation had stumbled across a few supernaturals that didn't quite fall in with the hunting and tracking divisions. He had asked Regina if he could pull from that list she thought it over a few days and consented. Sighting that they had expressed a desire to help but lacked the skills.

The audio crew that arrived was a bit of a surprise. The leader,had to be the red head with the Elvis Costello glasses. There was an Asian girl and next to her was a blonde girl with brown eyes. The dark haired guy was right behind the red-head helping hold back the two girls and the larger guy. And it looked like he wasn't the only one that was surprised.

Your Foundation party belongs to the Facers.Collapse )
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11 March 2010 @ 04:48 pm
As promised here are the layouts and pictures of the Lorne's Bar/Club Otium.Thanks for making this awesome go to the fine programmers at EA's the Sims3 for the nifty. As I don't have the ability to create Community Lots...the sparseness of it.

Graphics Heavy Post

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24 March 2010 @ 10:00 pm
Regina came in that morning to find a huge manilla envelope on her desk. The Foundation's address was printed out. The only thing on the outside that gave it away was the post marks. The postmark was from Clarks Mill, New Jersey.

She casually picked it up and nearly dropped it. It was hefty. Dropping her purse and her messenger bag with all her Foundation files she tossed her keys on her desk.

"Jim?" she asked.

"Yes?" he asked popping his head round the corner.

"Do you know when this got in?" she held up the large envelope.

"No, should I?" he asked. "Where's it from?" he asked tilting his head to look at the post mark. "New Jersey."

Regina opened the envelope glancing at Jim for a moment. She carefully slid the overstuffed file folder out and looked at the neatly printed post-it note on it.

"Thought that you all might want to track this down." Jim read aloud.

"Bloody hell," Regina was met with a black and white print out of something. "The Jersey Devil." she spoke looking at the page behind it before handing off the print out to Jim.

"Gaah." he made a face. "A fitting name." he smirked. "Are you actually going to take the case?"

"Well we never turn away a case." she spoke snapping the print out back from her assistant. "I'll look it over."

"Have fun with that." he spoke slipping out of her office.

"Right." she spoke looking over the file. A page further near the back was list of links online that could be added to the file.

Regina learned the lore behind the creature.

The legend goes that a Mrs. Leeds [ a possible witch] gave birth to 12 children back in the 18th Century and proclaimed that "The devil may take the next one." Lo and behold she has a 13th child who turns out to be a monster and it flies off into the forest.

The Leeds Devil is described as a flying biped with hooves and is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey. A Commodore Stephen Decatur is said to the first to spot it and fire a cannonball at it, with no effect. Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte's older brother, is said to have seen it on a hunting trip in Boredentown. Throughout the 1800s its blamed for livestock deaths, missing children, strange tracks and reported sounds. Early 20th Century has several people seeing the Devil or its strange tracks from New Jersey and neighboring states. IN the 1960's merchants put up a reward for $10,000 for capture. Oddly enough a decade earlier the corpse of the Devil is reported.

"Well it couldn't hurt to send someone to check it out." she spoke.

((OOC: Anyone interested?))
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25 January 2010 @ 11:33 pm
Dean shifted, his mind drifting up from unconsciousness. He felt really comfortable, lying on his stomach and breathing in the scent of fabric freshener in the pillow under his head. It was nice. But things felt sort of fuzzy. Dean opened his eyes a little and took in the world around him.

There was a night stand only a foot from his head. The clock on it blinked 8:32 am next to his cell phone. There was a picture sitting under a lamp of three people**, his parents...Dean thought lazily, standing outside their home in Lawrence with him in the crook of his father's arm. (**no baby Sam, Gabe has 'erased him'.)

He squinted at the picture, confused. There was something very wrong with it. He knew it.

Dean pushed himself up and frowned at the picture.

Something is missing. Dean thought. He picked at his fuzzy brain to figure it out. He took a deep breath and twisted on his back, taking in the room. It was a normal bedroom, four walls with a door leading out of the room, another to a bathroom, and a closet. A couple of dressers match the wooden frame of the bed, and the mirror on top of a vanity gave the hunter a better look at himself, the bed he was in and the wall to his back.

There was a lump in the bed next to him...Collapse )
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10 December 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Hmn its such a nice shot of every one!

[Standing L to R] Spike, Dawn, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Reggie, Jim, Sam, Bobby, Dean, Ellen, Jo, & Ellen
[Seated L to R] Faith, Angel & Castiel
As promised here are the layouts and pictures of the Foundation.Graphics Heavy Post

Ground Floor

7th FloorCollapse )

8th FloorCollapse )

9th FloorCollapse )
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19 August 2009 @ 08:10 pm
This is the Master List for All Case Files, Adjourned Meetings & Mini-Cases. This will be updated as Cases are added and or closed. Mini-Cases will be posted here as well. Meetings as soon as adjourned will be posted here.

Last Updated: 03|24|10 @ 22:27

CasesCollapse )

Mini-CasesCollapse )

MeetingsCollapse )
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I come baring the news that phoenixknght86 & empressvesica have had some awesome suggestions regarding a few things. Those few things are the OOC Posts and a Master Case Post. I'll explain...

There's going to be a OOC Community [oocpfrpg]. Everyone who is playing has a invite. If you haven't recived an invite, please let me know so I can correct that. This is so that we can all post there about info [ie. AIM handles, emails(if you want to post) times that your going to be on, or reasons that you are/are not going to be on. I'm going to make the OOC Community a Members Only community. That being said I'm going to adding the characters we're all playing plus our personal LJs. If you have any objection to adding your personal LJ, please let me know.

Also this is up for each character LJ, having a separate OOC post. This way we don't have to interrupt the RP. Its also neater and cleaner.

Don't worry the current OOC Thread is not going anywhere, but it is becoming a members only post. Please make sure that you "join community" in stead of just watching.

The Master Case Post is a great idea and it keeps our Sidebar clean and neat. So that we can just access the current open cases with a quickness. This post will also cover Adjourned Meetings.

Also I know that its kinda of off topic but remember with the character's LJ you can "Back Post" for entries. So don't fret if you don't post once a week, remember that you should be posting for the character at least once a week. "Back Posting" also allows you to "Future Post" too. Again if you feel like you're not going to be able make a post the next week feel free to "Future Post". If you're unfamiliar with how to "Back Post", here is a link to LJ FAQs on how to use the "Date Out Of Order Option". This will also be linked into from the FAQs page.
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16 August 2009 @ 10:18 am
Okay just a status update from your every friendly mod, ancient_immie.

Way to go, we have two open cases, YAY!

I've been promoting the group in hopes we can get some more players in here to fill out our major players. Specifically the Buffy/Angel group.

Groups that have already been hit: all_things_btvs, btvsfans, buffyfans, character_rpg, players_wanted, promote_this, promotion_whore, rpg_ads, rpg_ads_select and rpg_list.

If you know of or belong to a group that you think might draw some more players in you've got my permission to promote. Please check with the Mods of said group(s) to make sure you can advertise us and if they have a format to post please follow it.

You all are doing a great job with the characters you're playing. We are so lucky to have this many people who care about their characters.

And speaking of which, Evi who's playing Anna [fragile_fallen] just suck up on us and she is doing such a great job! Keep up the good work!
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15 August 2009 @ 08:26 pm
Dean, Sam, and Xander had run out of Los Angeles like a bat of out of hell. No time to say goodbye to friends and no time to really get their shit together. They simply leapt into the Impala, put the pedal to the floor, and were gone.

Dean didn’t want to leave, but knew it was wiser to run than fight an angel of the Lord right now.

Operation Saving Private Cas started the second the elder Winchester brother got Missouri Mosely to answer her phone and told her they were coming.

She replied: “I already knew that, boy.” and hung up on him.Collapse )
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